The Caravan Awning


Aire Awning Aireshelta Awning The Aire Awning

    The Inflatable Awning is a stylish extension to any vehicle, trailer or caravan. Its ease of deployment and portability sets it apart from the rest!


  • Lightweight Inflatable Awning

  • Porch Caravan Awning or Full Caravan Awning

  • Choice of Colour

  • No fiddly Poles or Awning Fixings

  • Deploys in Seconds

  • Easy to Handle

  • Awning Security Fixings

  • Changeable Awning Doors

  • Powered via Mains or Generator

  • Full Caravan Awning from £830 + VAT

    NB. Ex Wks Price inclusive of Awning Inflation Fan and Anchor Stakes

  • No more arguments late at night whilst still struggling to secure the Caravan Awning!

    The  Aireshelta Caravan Awning inflates in seconds, no fiddly fixings, no scratches to your caravan!

      Installation couldn’t be Easier of the Caravan Awning:

    1. Simply slide the Awning Attachment Flap into the Awning Channel on your Caravan.

    2. Then, position the Awning up to the side of the Caravan and inflate the Awning by plugging in the fan.

    3. Your Caravan Awning Inflates in seconds.

    4. Finally, attach the Caravan Awning Zip Attachment Flap to the zip of the inflated Awning and then anchor the Awning into position with the anchor pegs provided.

        Less stress …. more Leisure is the result! 

    Standard Awning Sizes:        The Porch Caravan Awning   L 2.4m x W 2.4m

                                              The Full Caravan Awning     L 3.2m x W 2.4m

    Awning Colours:                  Burgundy Blue Green or Grey

    Aireshelta Price:                   FULL Caravan AWNING £996.00    PORCH Caravan AWNING £900.00

                                                        NB. Prices are Ex Works and include 20% VAT.